About Us

Denis Alyanov

Denis Alyanov


We provide brokerages with trading education, market analysis, and informational widgets. Our products are white labeled, meaning that we brand them with your logo so that your customers will not notice they are provided by a third party.

In essence, what we offer are tools for your marketing and sales departments.

Using these tools will result in people finding your brokerage more attractive, which means an increase in the conversion rate and better retention. Using these tools tends to result in more people willing to sign up on your landing pages, more prospects becoming paid customers, and paid customers staying with your platform longer.

We are a small team and most of us have come from the trading industry, so we are well aware of the needs of both brokerages and traders. TraducationFX was founded by Denis Alyanov who started in fintech as a software engineer, eventually moving to lead the development of several proprietary products for retail brokerages, including a CRM, a trading platform, an affiliate program, and a payment gateway.