Financial education

Video academy

Offer your customers short and fun lessons suitable for all experience levels, from beginner to expert, with a dedicated course on crypto.



Beautifully designed ebooks that work well both in email marketing and as an introduction to your education centre.


MetaTrader tutorials

Video tutorials for the most popular trading platforms on the market today: MetaTrader 4 and 5.


Market research and analytics tools

Market research

Use our daily market commentary videos and articles instead of maintaining a costly analyst department of your own.


Trading signals

Provide your customers with lucrative market entry opportunities for the most popular assets in all major markets.


Economic and crypto calendars

Many day traders check the economic and crypto calendars every morning to be aware of the upcoming events that could move the markets.


Branding and —Āustomisation

The only branding visible anywhere will be your branding. To further ensure that our products blend natively into your website, there are various customization options: light and dark themes, different layouts, thumbnails, custom CSS styling, and more.