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Analyse markets using the world's best charting solution

TraducationFX has partnered with TradingView, a top-tier charting and trading platform, to elevate your experience. Access advanced charting and market analysis tools, amplifying success and gaining valuable insights into financial markets.

Chart’s Powerful and Intelligent Features

100+ Technical Indicators
Access over 100 customizable technical indicators like MACD and RSI for precise market analysis and confident decision-making.
50+ Advanced Drawing Tools
Leverage chart’s array of 50+ sophisticated drawing tools, including Gann Fans, Fib Retracements, and Schiff Pitchforks, to pinpoint crucial market trends.
Multiple Chart Layouts and Timeframes
Employ multiple layouts and timeframes, spanning from minutes to months and providing traders a comprehensive market view.
Real-Time Market Updates
Stay proactive with personalized watchlists and alerts for price shifts and economic news, ensuring you're ahead of trading opportunities.
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What is TradingView?

TradingView is a top-tier platform for trading and charting, packed with a variety of tools for technical analysis and drawing. Powered by robust technology on web browsers, desktops, and mobile apps, it grants unmatched access to live data, the latest news, and financial reports.

What else does TradingView offer?

Besides its charting prowess, the platform doubles as a social network, drawing in over 30 million traders and investors each month to explore global market opportunities. Moreover, TradingView exclusively provides access to Pine Script—a sleek, lightweight, yet potent programming language for crafting indicators and strategies.

What B2B solutions does TradingView provide?

For business partners, TradingView extends access to its suite of products through tailored technical solutions—widgets, charting libraries, and broker integrations. These solutions enable the delivery of a wide range of TradingView's charting, drawing, and trading tools, enhancing user experiences. Learn more at tradingview.com.