Beginner course

Traders will learn the foundations needed to unlock the huge potential of the financial markets:

  • What financial markets are and which products you can trade;
  • What those unfamiliar terms used across all trading platforms mean;
  • Which mistakes you will be inclined to make but need to avoid.

Advanced course

Teaches how to implement the tools and techniques needed to effectively analyse the financial markets:

  • What fundamental analysis is and which tools it requires;
  • What technical analysis is and why it produces trading opportunities;
  • How to use proven indicators and chart patterns.

Expert course

Your customers will learn a complete set of techniques they can employ throughout their trading career:

  • How to trade Japanese candlestick patterns;
  • How to use Fibonacci trading tools and Elliott wave theory;
  • How to apply dozens of proven trading strategies.

Cryptocurrencies course

This guide explains how cryptocurrencies work in a way even a child would understand:

  • What blockchain is;
  • What the most popular cryptocurrencies are;
  • How cryptocurrencies come into existence.
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The video academy blends natively into your website with the help of various customization options such as theme, several layouts and two types of thumbnails. On top of that, you can change virtually anything via CSS restyling.


Content locking

You can open only part of each course to low-level users thus motivating them to upgrade their account.



When you decide to expand to foreign markets, that’s not going to be a problem. Our videos have been localised to over 20 languages by professional translators with experience in finance and narrated by native speakers.


The only branding visible anywhere will be your branding. To further ensure that our products blend natively into your website, there are various customization options: light and dark themes, different layouts, thumbnails, custom CSS styling, and more.

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